Some Favorite Sites — Great Resources

I'm always interested in what others in the creative community are working on and how it can inspire us. Below are just some of resources I've found. CONTACT ME with anything you've enjoyed. I'm always interested in the next cool thing. Thanks for viewing my site.

Metal Clay Groups

  • At a Glance - Conference and Resources.
  • Group in New Jersey for metal arts, metalsmiths.
  • Yahoo support group for metal clay artist.
  • Masters program—independent study—metal clay.
  • Pennsylvania association for metal artists.

  • International organization—2012 conference.
  • Premier association for jewelry, design & metalsmithing.
Places to Learn
  • Publishes books for jewelers & the PMC community.
  • Great online classes & video downloads for purchase.
  • Jewellry workshops — East Yorkshire, England
  • Jewelry Design, Bead Gallery, & Coffee Co.
  • Masters program—independent study—metal clay.
  • Jewellry & Metal Clay workshops - Cornwall, England

  • Facebook page for the PMC Certification program.
  • Art camp for everyone. Be inspired at this place!
  • Learn at my place—small groups.
  • Great classes for glass & metal clay.
Where to Buy
  • Publishes books for jewelers & the PMC community.
  • My choice for carving tools.
  • Great tools for metal clay artists.
  • Another site for metal clay supplies.
  • One of the premiere jewelry supplier sites.
  • Wonderful selection—tools, clay and more.
Inspiring Artist
  • Great mechanical work by this guy.
  • Quirky artist, fun stuff.
  • Wonderful PMC artist—very well known.
  • Terrific work—great instructor—got me started.
  • Check out this guy's art!
  • Very creative work.
  • Works in polymer clay to create her look. Great work.
  • Elizabeth Agte creates wonderful pieces with PMC.
  • I like silly work.
  • Nice site—well done.
  • Holly does fantastics work—fun lady.
  • Beautiful look.
  • Lori creates unique imagery.
  • Pretty stuff. Diesel (our cat) loves the bird sounds.
  • Master with puzzle art.
Blogs & Magazines
  • International organization—2012 Conference.
  • Arts/Crafts Business Guide—
  • Get tips & current happenings here.
  • Links to everything metal clay.
  • Subscription, Ezine & Web site.
  • Supbscription & Web site.
Love these Foodies
  • This ezine also sells cook books.
  • Do they love food!
  • Find a recipe for a special meal.
  • Great New Orleans chef.
  • Quick ideas. Easy meals.