Terry Kovalcik on Illustration

For me, my artwork is an extension of a vivid imagination. The common thread in my work is through the creation of whimsical, animated characters that demand to be noticed. I enjoy conveying the human experience through my stylized characters even when I'm drawing animals or inanimate object.

After many rounds of sketches, and with the aid of my Macintosh computer, I develop the overall composition. Then with my airbrush, I create the final piece using multiple layers of transparent color, which allows the white of the paper to illuminate throughout the image.

By incorporating bold colors, gradient blends and the sense of textures and patterns, I create action with the characters. In some of my artwork, I push the image to the extreme by creating an exaggerated three-dimensional prospective. For me the real satisfaction comes when I can look back at the work and see things that just happen in the process. Ultimately, it's through these twisted views of life that I hope to make people smile.